B22,26 watt Bayonet Cap Full Spectrum ESL

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Full Spectrum Bulb (B22) 26w Energy Saving Spiral Lamps (ESL)

Viva-Lite® Full Spectrum Energy Saving Bulbs are efficient, economical and long lasting. They produce briliant bright, white light and simulate the natural sunlight by more than 96%. Ideal for at home and everywhere where people work with great concentration and where daylight is necessary or is not available in adequate amounts.


Output 1200lms
B22 bayonet cap base
5500 Kelvin
Integrated electronic ballast (EVG)
Flicker-free immediate illumination, flicker-free operation
With preheating circuit, life expectancy of approx. 13,000 hours
Energy savings of up to 80 %
Attractive and unusual design
Pleasant, brilliant light
Perfect colour reproduction, 1A
Long, concentrated work made possible
Help you see and feel better, while also helping the enviroment