Joe’s Sticky Stuff 1/2″ 19.8m

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Joe’s sticky stuff is a multi-use double-sided adhesive that can be used in home, on site, in the office and even on set on your cameras.

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At the Office:

  •  Hang items for presentations in hotel conference rooms or clients offices without damage to walls or windows
  • Get that poster to finally stay up on your cubical wall
  • Change nameplates and signs without damaging wall coverings

At Home:

  • Hang children’s artwork without thumbtack holes
  • Use as earthquake hold for artwork and shelf items
  • Keep picture frames hanging straight and true without marring walls
  • Decorate kids’ rooms
  • Keep rugs and carpets from slipping
  • Hang holiday artwork or decorations anywhere in the house including windows

On the Job Site:

  • Use Joe’s Sticky Stuff™ to preset trim and molding while grabbing tools
  • Mount items (such as drapery or mini-blinds) temporarily for visual approval
  • Protect floors with cardboard or sheet paper and not have it shift and slide under your feet
  • Apply plastic sheeting to job sites to contain dust and debris
  • Place small screws or parts into Joe’s Sticky Stuff™ until you are ready to use them


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