Stanmart presents our JuJu Performance Scenic Paints for Film & TVC! 

When it comes to scenic paints it’s hard to know what’s best for your shoot, so we’ve attached a very basic guide to help you when selecting your Green Screen or Blue Screen Paints. 

So you may already have a a physical green screen or a back drop for your zoom meetings but your looking to step it up a notch because the portable green screen just isn’t cutting it. So why not dedicate some studio space for just that by trying our Film industry grade chromakey and digital paints!

It is important however to use high performance paints like our JuJu Range when creating your blue or green screen to ease editing later on. Our paints have been developed to give high colour saturation and brightness for keying effects post production.

Chromakey Paints

It’s formulated and blended to ensure a flat, non-glossy, fluorescent tint that reduces reflectiveness making it ideal for shoots in close quarters. The green paint used for green screens lacks the reds and other colours that turn up in the human skin tone.

Our Chromakey Paints were developed to provide high green colour saturation and brightness values to help with keying effects in post production. It creates an ultra smooth matt finish for even light reflection with your backlighting.

Blue screen vs green screen

Digital and Chromakey

JuJu Digi Blue Paint

$140.00$585.00 inc. GST

Digital and Chromakey

JuJu Chroma Key Green Paint

$93.50$425.00 inc. GST

Digital and Chromakey

JuJu Chroma Key Blue Paint

$85.00$425.00 inc. GST

JuJu Paint Range

JuJu Acrylic Clear Gloss

$79.95$180.00 inc. GST
$79.95$150.00 inc. GST

JuJu Paint Range

JuJu TV White Paint

$85.00$150.00 inc. GST
$59.95$150.00 inc. GST

Digital Key Paints

The use of digital colour keys, or specialized paints, has largely replaced traditional chromakey paints in the film and television industry. This transition is primarily driven by the convenience and accuracy that digital color keys provide. Unlike traditional chromakey paints, which can be challenging to apply consistently, digital color keys are formulated to offer precise color matching and coverage. Filmmakers can achieve seamless background replacement and scene integration with greater ease and reliability using these specialized paints. Moreover, digital color keys allow for quicker adjustments and modifications during production, reducing the need for extensive retouching and reshooting. The result is a more efficient and cost-effective approach to achieving chromakey effects in modern film and television production.

The added flexibility is one of the biggest reasons that Digital Green has generally become the “standard” for film and video use. The danger in using this colour will again be the amount of reflected light however by choosing correct paints will reduce this massively.  

Our scenic paints have been designed for:

  • Both professional and non-professional use
  • Video and Zoom conferencing
  • YouTube and Content Creation
  • Gaming and Education
  • Home or Studio Use
  • Cyclorama’s
  • DIY Green screen projects