Pack of 4 x 54w – High Output (HO) T5 Tubes Length 1149mm – Dia 16mm

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Full Spectrum Tubes (T5), Natural Daylight Rendering ( Pack of 4)
The most vital element that influences our psyche and health – and which is at the same time the least conscious need – is light. When daylight is insufficient Viva-Lite® full spectrum tubes come into play. Thanks to special materials used and a highly sophisticated manufacturing process they create bright,balanced full spectrum light.

Perfect For Colour Matching

Used by: Artists, Auto Painters, Scenic Artists, Dentists, Graphic Artists, Printers, Auto Displays, Product Displays, etc.

Simulate natural sunlight (CRI 96-98)
5500K (Kelvin)
Offer optimum visual comfort
For a healthier environment
Not only beneficial for people but also for plants and animals
Lifetime of 13,000h, up to 24,000h with an electronic warm-start ballast