Portable Ballet Barre – STM Beau Barre Range

$625.00$855.00 inc. GST

The STM Beau Barre is setting a new standard in affordable, durable portable dance barres.

As part of our commitment to constant improvement, Beau Barre has had an upgrade!

  • Lightweight steel frame with height adjustable timber barre
  • Feet that can lock parallel for storage
  • We can supply lengths over 3m however these require an additional leg
  • Designed to easily disassemble for ease of transport
  • Finished in a hardwearing black satin epoxy finish

The changes are small but efficient, his feet are smaller so less likely to get in the way of those pesky rond de jambe a terre! We have also added a little more weight to give the barre extra stability; whilst maintaining a practical overall weight.

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