DMX 10KHZ 16BIT 4 x 10A LED DECODER DMX 4CH Digital decoder

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DMX 4CH Digital decoder


Introducing the new CLS – DMX512 Digital Decoder, It adopts the advanced microcomputer control technology and converts the DMX-512/1990 standard digital signal adapted internationally to the analog control signal, with 10KHZ frequency as standard high camera frame rates can be achieved up 120FPS.

Fitted with 4 x 10A outputs 1 to 4 Channels available with external DMX512 control or optional manual control locally at the decoder with 0 to 100% individual level of brightness control across the 4 individual channels.

The DMX-4CH-10A decoder can also be used as the connector of PC digital-light controller and analog light modulator.

Technical & Features

  • Signal Input: DMX 512/1990 Digital signal
  • Connection: RJ45 & XLR 3 Pin Interface
  • Frequency: 10,000HZ
  • Voltage: 12v to 24v DC Input
  • Manual dimming mode: 4 x 4 Channels – 0 to 100% Pushbutton Control.
  • External Light Control:DMX 512 – 8 and 16 Bit Dimming options
  • Output: 4 x 10A Single channel output drives – Total Current 40 Amps.
  • Max Power: (480W – 12V) (960W – 24V)
  • Manual Address: DMX 512 Digital display with 0 to 512 CH – DMX channel lock after 3 seconds.
  • Data: Green signal-indicating light. Work Temp: 0 – 70. Protection grade: IP40
  • Gross Weight: 220g. Product size**:* L120W105H39 mm. *Packing:** 30pcs/Carton.
  • Note: When connecting 25 or more DMX-4CH-10A decoders in line – add signal amplifier or booster.