Black Tac

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Black Tack ( black tac ) 19mm x 1m or 25mm x 10m high strength adhesive putty.

  • Like blue tack, but a lot stronger & stickier
  • Ideal for securing gels to your camera’s flash head
  • Also useful for temporarily mounting camera equipment


  • Semi-permanently holds objects in place
  • Can be used as a sound & vibration damper (bookshelf speakers)
  • Secures gels to camera flash heads + LED Lights
  • Temporary mounting of cameras and other equipment (Go Pros)
  • Non-toxic, Non-Flammable, Non-Hardening, odourless
  • Submersible in water
  • Temperature Tolerant:-29°C>135°C (70°F>275°F)
  • 19mm wide and 1 metre length
  • .74″ x 39″
  • Great for on set, in the office, at home or on the work site!




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