Paint Fire Retardant Additive – Paint FR – Fire Defender

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PAINT FR is a paint additive that improves the fire retardancy of any water-based paint.

Developed as part of the reaction to the Australian bushfires of 2019-2020.

PAINT FR can be used on, but is not limited to film and theatre sets, and is certainly a recommended safety precaution in many situations such as where pyrotechnics and fireworks are being used.  Whilst water paint in its liquid form is not flammable it does become combustible when dry.

By adding a retardant, you contribute to:

  • Stopping the spread of a fire
  • Slowing the spread of a fire.
  • Reducing a fire’s intensity.
  • Reducing the smoke produced by a fire.
  • Reducing ignition ability.
  • Improving evacuation time.

Paint FR brochure


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