Tensor Grip X40 Acoustic Panel Adhesive

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Tensorgrip® X40 is a unique product designed specifically as an acoustic panel adhesive. Tensorgrip® X40 ensures that installation of acoustic panels and acoustic foam is quick and easy with our unique self-contained canister system.

X40 bonds acoustic panels to most wall and ceiling substrates including:

  • MDF
  • Drywall/Gyprock
  • Brick,
  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • Steel and more.
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Tensorgrip® X40 sprays on fast and grips in just seconds. Once pressure is applied the X40 bond will not fail. This makes installation of vast quantities of acoustic panelling quick and easy without the need for mechanical fasteners.

Tensorgrip® X40 also makes curved structures a breeze by quickly bonding layers of bendy board or flex-ply without the need for manual fastenings.

Watch Tensor Globals “How To” YouTube video for instruction on using Tensorgrip® X40 to install acoustic panels and acoustic foam with fast, effective, efficient results.


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500ml Aerosole, 22L Canister


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