Double Sided Exhibition Cloth Carpet Tape – White – Tenacious – K330


Preferred by exhibition carpet installers, museums, and event venues, Tenacious K330 is an economical, versatile double-sided cloth tape. Designed for Australian conditions, it secures floor coverings to various surfaces like concrete, timber, vinyl, and tiles, and remains in place while carpet tiles are lifted. With medium strength differential adhesion (3.3 for floors, 5.7 for carpet tiles), high tensile strength, and clean removal with low residue, it is ideal for wall-edge adhesion in large events. The tape is easy to cut and strip, compatible with all major carpet tiles, and approved for use at major Australian venues. Available in 18mm, 24mm, and 48mm widths, Tenacious K330 is the top choice for medium adhesion and clean removal.